The London Craft Beer Guide

A deep dive into London’s craft beer culture

London Craft Beer Guide

The London Craft Beer Guide is part tour-guide, part in-depth look at London’s craft beer scene that took two years to write but 10 years to research. Taking in the best 25 pubs and 18 breweries, it includes rich interviews, beautiful photography and all the details you’ll need to make sure you make the most of any beery day out in London. Learn the origins of Kernel Brewery, the wild story of Beavertown’s early years and what the Betty Button does on the Mall Tavern’s till.

“The most brilliant guide to the best beer and pubs in London by connoisseurs Jonny and Brad. Trust me they know their stuff!'” – Jamie Oliver

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Beer School: a Crash Course in Craft Beer

The ultimate guide to how craft beer is made and how to drink it right

Beer School craft beer channel

Coming out on 22 November 2016, Beer School is the first book by the drunks that brought you the Craft Beer Channel. Written by Jonny and illustrated by Brad, the craft beer book takes you on a journey from the moment the grain is grown to the moment you drink it. It’s not just a book about how beer is made, it’s about how to enjoy it at its best. Along with the lowdown on the ingredients and processes that go into making the world’s best brews, it teaches you how to care for, store, serve and taste beer, including tips on everything from which glass to use to how to age beer.

Written with the same flair and reckless approach to decency as they display on the channel, this is a unique take on the boring beer book that’s bound to be a bestseller (please…?). But don’t take it from us, take from this mix of real and fake praise from famous people.

“Jonny and Brad make reading about beer almost as fun as drinking it” – James Watt, Brewdog

“It’s the Fifty Shades of Grey of the beer world – weirdly sexy, but badly written and containing one too many thrush references” – The Times

“It’s like sitting down with Jonny and Brad and having a few beers with them! Good fun, funny, interesting and you never quite know what’s coming next” – Mark Dredge, author of Craft Beer World

“I thought it would be longer” – Jonny’s girlfriend

“Are you sure about the yellow?” – Everyone.

“Grammatically accurate” – Jonny’s Dad