Our Lallemand & Verdant Inspired New England IPA

When we took the decision to ramp up our home-brew content on the channel, one of the first styles we wanted to do was New England IPA. There are lots of reasons for that – we drink a lot of it, we know lots of people are looking for recipes, and Lallemand had just released a very exciting new yeast with our friends and Patreon subscribers Verdant Brewing Co. But the main reason was that it was going to teach us a lot of new skills – skills we could take forward to lots of new styles.

You see, brewing New England IPA isn’t easy on a homebrew scale. Getting lots of yeast and hop character is tough enough, but avoiding oxidation without professional equipment isn’t easy. We go through all that in the videos, so I recommend watching those for the techniques, but the most vital and basic tips are below those, too.




Don’t worry too much about getting oxygen into your wort. There will be enough for this yeast.


Don’t worry too much about oxidation here, just be quick in adding the hops if going through the top.


You HAVE to flush the headspace with CO2. You can easily bubble this up through the beer. Do so for 30 seconds before adding the hops and 30 seconds about an hour afterwards. This both protects the beer and rouses the hops to increase utilisation.


As you crash to 2C air will be sucked into the fermenter. To avoid this, fill a balloon with CO2 and put it over the top of the blow tube. It will then suck in CO2.


Right, that’s enough oxidation chat. Here’s our Citra, Mosaic and BRU-1 homebrew NEw England IPA recipe made with Lallemand’s Verdant Ale Yeast. Expect big apricot, mango, vanilla and pineapple notes.

Our homebrew New England IPA

Check out our Brewer’s Friend recipe here. This is a for a 20l batch (into fermenter)

WATER (rough target in ppm)

100 Ca+2 

50 Na+

230 Cl- 

14 SO4


3.65kg Extra Pale Maris Otter

0.9kg Golden Promise

0.5kg Carapils

0.25kg Pale wheat malt

0.25kg Flaked wheat

1kg rolled oats


5g Magnum

210g Citra

105g Mosaic

85g BRU-1


1 x 11g Lallemand Verdant Ale Yeast


Adjust your water

Mash in at 67 for 60 minutes

Mash out at 75


60 minutes – 5g Magnum

Chill to 80C 

30 minutes – 60g citra, 40g Mosaic, 20g BRU-1


Chill to 19C – pitch 1 pack of yeast

Wait 48 hours – pitch 30g Citra, 15g Mosaic, 5g BRU-1

Wait 72 hours – raise to 22C

Wait 72 hours – chill to 15C

Pitch 120g Citra, 60g Mosaic, 60g BRU-1 – crash to 2C

Wait 48 hours – transfer to keg

11 thoughts on “Our Lallemand & Verdant Inspired New England IPA

  1. It would be useful to have ingredients listed as percentages as well as actual weights on future recipes, so they can be easily scaled to other brewing systems. Thanks

    • Hey! We didn’t want to be too exact there as all systems vary – you are best using a calculator for your system

  2. Hi, I have many questions since I’m new to brewing. Is there any difference between rolled oats and flaked oats. I have decided not to dry hop and just add the hops at the end of the boil. I have a MiniBrew set up. I believe you used one a while ago. It’s for a batch of 5.5L. Am I right in believing that the recipe is for 5G? Is mash out only for 1min? If you remember the MB comes with a carousel for the hops so I put 30 gr at 5 min and 30 gr at 0 min. These are the figures I get (no Magnum) :
    6 SRM
    5.92 ABV
    35.73 IBU
    OG 1.055
    FG 1.011
    The MB doesn’t have this yeast programmed so I put 80% attenuation. Is this too much? Is 5 gr of yeast enough for 5.5L? The MB doesn’t seem to add any bitterness to 0 min. additions but I believe this is wrong…..?
    Thanks for your time

    • Hey Peter! Welcome to the world of homebrewing! So unfortunately if you aren’t going to dry hop this beer, you aren’t going to get anywhere near what we produced and this would be a totally new beer! Nothing wrong with that but you won’t get that juiciness or really big citrus aroma. However, you should still get a tasty IPA I would just up the bittering addition to create some balance and depth (maybe 8g of Magnum). The hop stand needs to be 30 minutes at 80, not 1 minute!

      • Thank you for your prompt reply. I don’t know what you mean by hop stand. You say mash in at 67 C for 1 Hr. and mash out at 75C but not for how long. I have increased the grain bill and lowered the attenuation of the yeast to 75% and here are the figures I get:
        6 SRM
        5.67 ABV
        35 IBU
        OG 1.056
        FG 1.014
        I can’t put more than 60 gr. of hops in the boil and I want to see what result I get without dry hopping. I believe I’ll probably get more than 35 IBU since there’s no extra bitterness added for whirlpool additions. My question is what IBU am I aiming for?

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